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Hello Yes How Are You Hey Whats Up How Are You Iam Sorry Ok O-K Okay Look Ok Look Ok No Problem Right Right Thank You What Yeah Yea Hello Habibi How Are You Yess You Know Alright Thank You Hallo Hallooo Hallo Yes It's Great To Meet You It's Hard To Hear You My Names Billy My Names Billy1 Saw Advertisement On... Uh Hello H EL LO(Annoyed) Hello Hey Ma'am How You Doin Today His Attitude Really Hurt... How You Doing Today I'd Like To Make An... I'm Alright Hellooo Herro Can ITalk To... How Are You Doing... How Are You Doing Today How You Do Today Lik ASam Boo Dee OG My Name Is ABuk Lau My Name Is ABuk Lau... Nobody Help Me What Happen See Your Advertisement... Somebody Hang Up On Me Speak To Somebody Who... Want To Talk To Sam Boo... What Duh Hell Is Up WIth Yew Yes Im Back How You Doing Duh Hello Duh Hello How You Doing... Duh Hello How You Do Today Duh Hello How You Do Today2 Duh Hello ICalling Now... Got Off On Wrong Foot Happy Holiday Hello Hello Hello2 Saw Your Advertisement... Yeah Hi My Name Is Chris Ola Como Estas My Name... Some Lady Hung Up On Me Hello2 I ISaw Your Ad On Craiglist I Need Somebody To Help Looking For Application My Name Is Need To Speak To AManager Hello1 Hello How Are You Doing I Am From India My Friend How Are You Doing Phone Disconnect Saw Advertisement On... Screen Saver What Is Your Name Sorry Customer Relation Right Now Hello Hello2 Im From Los Estados Unidos Im Right Next To The Airport I Saw Your Ad On Craigslist I Saw Your Ad On The... Issue In The Locker Room Uhh Yeah Hello Uhh Yeah Hello2 Wanted To Discuss... Whas Up Whats Going On Baby Whats Happening Whats Poppin Girl Yeah Hello Yo Whats Up Man Hows It... Hello(Angry) Hello Hello2 Uh Yeah Hi Uh Hello Uh Hello2 Test Epic Match Ever
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