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Fuck Your Face I Will Slap Your Face Just Say IAm Stupid Lazy6 Dollars Per Hour Look Dont Make Stupid Mother Bitch Mother Bitch Dont Do... Mother Bitch Hookah Pipe... Shove Foot In Butt You Are Making AStupid You Are Making AStupid2 You Are Making Stupid Again You Are Making Stupid... You Are Stupid You Can Help Me Say IAm... You Fuck To Your Face Because You Are Stupid Bertha Dont Make Fat Beeple Brother Dont Be Stubid But You Are Stupid Crazy Bitch Crazy Bitch Behaviour Dont Be Extra Stupid Dont Be Lazy Dont Be Like AStupid Dont Be Stupid Dont Be Styupid Dont Be Too Much Stupid Fuck That Shit Fuck To You You Think... Suckle On My Toes You Dumbass You're ALittle Bit Stupid You're Giving Off This... Are You Stupid Or Something Only ADumbass Would Get Mad Simmer Down Boy Sorry Dumbass ITake It Back Stop Being ADumbass I Come On My Razor... I Cum Right Now IGoing... I Fuck You Today Fuck... I Gon To Lick Your Anoose I Want To Suk Yo Cock Today Lika Sam Boo Dee Fuck... Make Fun Of My Tootsie Roll Mother Fucker What Is... Scared Mutha Fucka So Anoy Very Anoy Sound Like AGirl Like Me Stick To Sucking Cock Bitch Stop Scream Stupid Muda Fuka Take Two Chop Stick... Talk To Somebody Whos... What You Say To Me IKill You Why Do You Hang Up On Me... Why You Have To Insult... You Are Being Lazy You Are Being Muda... You Are Muda Fucking... You Are The Compulsive Liar You Are The Pedofile Lady You Are Very Stupid Shit You Dont Want To Help Me You Fuck You Bitch You Make Fun Of My... You Suck My Cock Today You Tink IScared Of You You Try To Make Fun Me Are You ARetard One Or... Are You ARetard One Or... B IG BO Y Creary Is ARetard One Customer Is Always Right Dont Be Sutupid Dun Be Asshole Dun Be Like Stingy Or Razy Food Sucks Dont Get My... Fuck2 UMan IKill UIn Da Head Fuck To You Stupid Ass You're Not Being Very Nice You're Getting All Bitch... Fuck You From The Back Fuck Your Family Three Time Hello Stupid Lady Mother Fucker How You Doing Mother Fucker In The Face Mother Fuck You Bitch Suck My Cock Meat Sandawich Why You Hang Up On Me You Are Mother Asshole Guy You Are My Bitch Right Now You Are Stupid Lady You Mother Fuck To You You Mother Fuck You In... You Think IGive AShit Chicken Tikka Masala... Dont Do What Youre Doing Dont Talk About You It... Dont Talk To Me Like That Dont Talk To Me Like That2 Dont Talk To Me Like... Extend My Apology Fuck To You And Your Face Fuck To Your Face Stop Being ALittle Bitch... Very Severe Bitch Like... You Ever See That... Bitch Like Behavior Ima Come Over There And... Nigerian Black Stop Being ABitch
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