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Big Shit Everywhere Boom Boom Bathroom Can IHave One Smoochie... Come On Dont Be Too Generous Girlz Will Be All Over Me Give Me The Kiss Give Me The Kiss2 Going To Make AHello Go Make Shit H AH A How About We Play... How Big Is Your You Know... I Am Like Sily Goose I Eat The Sandawich If ICome What Can You Do... I Make Many Shit Im AVery Good Looking Man Im Like Silly Goose I Saw Advertisement For... It Is Her Way Or The Highway I Want To Get Into... I Will Come In Like VI... Junk In The Trunk Kaboobie Kaboobie Not Soft But Hard Lady Will Help Me With... Manager Said Date With You Speak With Someone Kaboobies Start Date Now This Is Not First Time You Are Yelling At Me You Have To Give Me Kiss... Ah You Got Me All Day All Night Apple Bottom Jean A Whole New Worled Big Baller Shot Caller I Buy It Yesterday Last Weekend Last Weekend Stupid Ill Be There And Give... Ill Send APic Of My... I'm Just Steaming Over Here! It Makes Me Want To Kill... Looks Like You Got Some... My Feelers Are All Over... No No With The Pudding... Pick Up Order45 Minutes Pop Through Telephone... Pudding And The Pops Shobady Dobady Doo Shobady Dobady Say It... Sum Diddly Right Now Super Dun Diddly Super Dun Diddly2 Super Dun Diddly3 The Balls IHave Now Are Old Till The Sweat Drops... Whoop Your Ass And IWill Always Love You Are You Not AFan Of Old... Balls Ball So Hard Song Ball Swap Billy History Billy Will Find You And... Can You Send Me APhoto... Dun Diddly Do Daw Yeah Dun Diddly Mind Tricked Ya Having APair Of Fruity... How Heavy Are Your Balls I Just Want AGood Massage Chinese Gibberish3 Chopstick Is Very Gentle Crossing Swords Did He Tell You IDo It Ding Ding Ding Right You... Do The Cock Rise Swinging Freakout Freakout2 Future Will Suck Dick Give It To Me Buk Lu Lu Got Off On The Wrong Foot Gotye Song Gotye Song2 Ha Ha Ha So Funny He Get Like ASo Anxiety... He Hates His Life Very... He Like AVery Big Strong... Help Me Or ITake Lasso... He Sing The Song Do You... He Talk AShit About... I Am Not AWoman I Am Willing To Pay I Can Bring Some Mary... I Do Not Know Why I Dont Have APussy Das ATing If Somebody Have ABoo... I Give You Like200 Dorra I Go Look Now See What... I Got My Eyes On You I Go To The Club I Have ABlue Boo Sack I Have Blue Balls Im Acutally In LA California Im AHuman Being Im AVery Honest Person Im AVery Scared Boy... Im Not AWhite Boy Im... Im Okay But IHave... Im Very Uncomfortable... I Need To Talk To... I Take It Back You Are... Itch The Boo Sack Non Stop It Cost You Like Two Dorra I Tell Everyone You Suck... Its Disgusting To Me Too Its Hard To Hear You Its Kind Of Disgust You Know Its Very Hard To Hear You I Waiting Lady Tell Me... I Want To Hear Your... I Want To Make My... I Want To Sing For My Wife I Want To Understand... I Was Not Born Yesterday I Will Pay You AGood Price Jiggering Oh My Gat Know What Lam Ye Mo Ye Means Lam Ye Mo Ye Lam Ye Sum Do Laugh Learn Booty Shaking Like... Lik ASam Boo Dee OG Like AShit Look You Are Being... Lub Me Like ILub Yew My Boo Sack Look Like... Never Say Lam Ye Mo Ye Nobody Has To Know IWont... Noodle In Eggroll Basket No Oo Oo Oo Now You Just Somebody... Oh My Gat Oh My Gat2 Oh My Gawd Oh My WH AT Okay Im Coming To Knock... Ok Four Dollar Oo Oo ODas AGood Wan Pop The Molly Im... Pubic Braiding For My Wife Rangaha Rangaha Does Not Take... Rangaha Timumum Rangaha You Know Rash And Bruising Reciperericating The Love She Say Lam Ye Mo Ye... Somebody Teach Me To... Stress Free Is The Way To Be The Backside One Second... The Voice Of Someone... They Say You Are The... This Is Traumatizing Throw Shit On Me Tootsie Roll Look Good... Tootsie Roll To Look... Two Chopstick,I Won't Say It Two Chopstick Shove Up... Very Helpful Lady Very Swollen You Know Vietnamese Cant Buy The... We Can All Take ABig... We Got Off On The Wrong Foot We Have To Back Each Udahh Willing To Pay The Right... Yes IWant To Hire You You Dont Have ABeautiful... You Exhale Then You Hang Up You Gonna Do To Compensate You Have ABox To Put Inside You Have To Make An Exeption You Lie To Me To Get Rid... You Very Indecisive 2 Dorra Freakout 10 Is Not Lucky Number Awkward Buk Laugh Bic Boy IWant To Tell... Bic Boy Or Bic Gurl Boom Boom In Bedroom Buk Laus Back Buk Laus Back2 But You Didnt Have To... But You Guy Do The Fuck Up Catch ST DOr Something Chinese Gibberish Chinese Gibberish2 O HM YG AW D O HM YG AW D2 Oh Yes Preach It Really Really Long Thick... Simmer Down Bertha Thats So Perfect Ive... Ya Silly Goose Ya Silly Goose2 You Riled Me Up You Blue... Call Me Your Dirty... Dominated Peed And... Goodbye You Little Bitch I'm About To Explode Im AGay Guy Of The Gay I'm An Independent... Im Totally Totes Mc... Its Not That Bad Its... I Was Getting Hot And... Just The Tip My Staff Is Really Long... Never Been Erect Because... Everybody Tell Me You... Grandmother Gibberish Have No Money You Laugh... Hes Very Angry At Me He Was From The Ass... He Wont Be Very Happy How About Friday I Dont Know What To Do Now I Dont Wanna Getting In... I Dont Wanna Getting In... I Had To Feed My Family I Left My Grandmother In... I Listen To Hold Music... I Looking In The Near By... I Mean My Garden Im Gonna Trusting You Im Lookin For The Videos Im The Best One You Can Hire Im Very Close By I Need AJob I Need To Put Food On... I Need Your Help Please I Ran Over His Foot Lawn... I Say Perfecto For Me Is It About The Black People I Talk To You Five Ten... I Think We Got Disconected Its Along Time Ago Its APorno Right Its Not AHard Question Its Too Late Now Right I Wanna Getting(x3) I Wanna Getting I Wanna Getting Apology... I Wanna Getting Job... I Wanna Getting My I Wanna Getting Them... I Wanna Getting Waxing Done I Was Waiting On The Phone I Will Come And Take... I Will Pay You500 Dollars Juan Martinezd You Are... Lets Say2o Clock Listen Can You Help Me... Lololol Hello Make The Smelling Better My Como Si Dice My Ass My Feelings Hurt ICry My Grandmother My Grandmother Is APerson My Wife Complains Im Too... Necessito Necessito Please Lick My... Necessito Spanish Shit No He Very Mean To Me No Me Gusto Trouble Si No Refferences Right Ok Do You Have The Original Ok Her Name Is Consuela Ok IHave Trouble With... Ok Im Gonna Trusting You Ok Last Thing Pinky Swear Ok So Its AWhole Sale Ok Thank You Buk Buk Ok What Are You Working On One Job Por You Por Actor Ooooo Police Boom Boom Get Down Porque Im Porque Im Driving Drunk Porque You Laugh At Me Say With Me Consuela Shake That Jelly She Tell Me To Talk To You Shitty Si Si2 Sob1 Sob2 Sound Like Your In... South American Actor The Front Desk The Lawn Mower Very Embarrasing For Me Whats So Funny To You Si Why You Are Laughing At Me You Give Me APinky Swear You Hang Up On Me You Have Any Job... You Have To Page Someone You Make Apologize To Me You No Policia Right You Promise Me Your Name Is Shitty Right You Very Hurt My Feeling Again Are You Angry At Me Or... Black People And Who Else Boom Boom Shit Can You Help Me Shitty Can You Say To Me Please Can You Tell Me The Plot Como Se Dice Policia Consuela Rodrigo Romero Consuela Rodrigo Romero2 Do Acting For You Do ISound Like ANice... Dont Talk To Me Calm Down Donut Gibberish Do You Know How To Say Shit Four Thirty Right Gibberish Gibberish2 Happity Hoppatus He Curse My Family Hes Not Good Man Hippity Hippity Hoppatis I Am Not Fat IRun Fast I Believe In You Yarr I Throw Up Everywhere I Wanting AFix For Me I Will Call You In Five... I Will Come And Do Bad... Like Shit Mother Yukker Nanana Nan Man New Customer First Time... Oo Oo Lo Lo L Oo Oo Oo Oo Oo Oo Four Oo Oo Rewinding Pinky In Buttocks Poop Chute Analtality Say Hippity Hoppatus Say Hippity To The Hiphop So ICan Take Order Spice Up Life With My Donut Split The Bread Not Gord Stupid Lady Hang Up On Me Stuttering Talk Right Now Dont Be... Talk To Customer Relation Telephone Interview Tell Me Right Now Dont... Try It Wait You Call Me What Can IDo For You You... What Is Her Name What Is They Call It Poo Poo Who Is Prank Calling Me Wobbling Wobbling You Are Nice Lady You Can Do It You Can Help Me You Guys Satisfy Customer You Have Ballsack Potatoes Your Tits Make My Winky... Apologize Ballsack Potatoes Ballsack Potatoes Charm Snake From My Pants Come Give You AKiss Come Outside Mother Yarr Coming On My Razor Scooter Dont Hang Up Again Dont Make Excuse With Me Fresh Prince Of Belair Half ABox Of Twinkies Ha Poo Poo PS H I Can Show You My Crusty... I'll Give You ACall Back Im On Tour Right Now... I Pledge Allegiance To... I Work For Hostess Kids In Africa Dont Have... Kinky Kosher Hot Dogs Mad Dollars Make Friends On AWheel Chair Make You Uncomfortable Mash Potatoes Messing My Shit Up Im... Mother Fucking Field Day My Boo Boo Bertha My Family Died In ACar... Of Gay Descent Oh Dayumn Ok Alright Love You Once You Go Black You... Penis Penis2 Poo My God Damn Pants Pop Right Under My Nut Sack Pop Through The Cord Sell These1000 Condoms Sham Lam Doobily Size... Shit Fucked Me Up Inside Slurp(sound) Straight Up Cupping My... Subway Sandwich Sucked That's100%Asian Right There The Genital Area Touching My Genitals Touching The Shaft Of My... Uhh Yeaah We Buddies 180 Twinkies And IDont Know What To Do A Satisfaction Guarantee Blond Hair Blue Eyes But Now My Junks Crusty... Can You Call The God... Did You Eat The Cookies Dingly Dang Dong Dobily Freaking The Fuck Out Freindly Neighbor Hood... French Fries Uhh2 Uh Shobady Doobady Long Stuttering Ok Well Random Breathing Uhh Whoa Whoa Calm Down With My Penis Ha Ha Are You Fetish Friendly Ill Pinky Swear You I Work In IT Sales And... Oo Oo Oo Oo Playing With My Mandigo... Rubbe Over The Popsicle
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