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Do You Have My Name Do You Love Me Too Exchange Name Im Abdo Fries And ADrink Help Me With Compensaytion Help Me With Problem Im... How Big Is Your Bull How Much You Charge How Old Are You I Am39 How Old Are You If ICome What Can You Do... Speak English Please Wait What What Are You Gonna Do... What Can We Do To Help... What Can You Do For... What Do They Say In This... What Do You Do There What Do You Have There What Is This Christmas What Is Your Availability What We Gonna Do Food Poison Where Are You From Who IAm Making... Why Are You Yelling You Fuck The Chicken You The Manager Right Now You Want To Get With The Cow Are You ABill Hilly Are You Done Yelling Are You Stupid How Big... Best Time To Call Him Back Can ISpeak To Manager Please Can You Give Me VI... Can You Say Back To Me... Diddly Can You Do One For Me Do You Have Gas Too Do You Have Kaboobies If IDeficate Into APlate Is The Other Female... Is Your Day Going Well Liven Your Voice Special Request What Are You Sayin Right Now What Do You Say To Me What Extras Do You Have What If IWanted300 Mc... What Is Your... What Kind Of Customer... Whats The Protocol If... Whats The Rate For ATwo... What Ya'll Have To Offer Wouldn't You Agree You Know Some Weird People You Tryingto Look Meu Up... Alrighty So Can We Do That Are You Not As... Asking Price Is Could You Do15 How Much Do Yall Charge How Much For Two Girls How's Everybody Treating Ya How Ya Gonna Do Me Like That Can You Help Me Or Something Can You Not Be Difficult Cut To The Chase Do You... Did You Send Somebody Does That Help IDonno Do Yo Do Suck ADick Do You By Any Chansey... Do You Do It Do You Have ADiscount Do You Have Small Size... Do You Know Gotye The Singer Do You Know The Song By... Do You Love Me Too Do You Love Me Too2 Do You Love Me Too Say It Do You LU FMe Too Do You Speak Engrish Do You Speak Mandarin Do You Suk ADik Do You Suk ADik2 Do You Think It's Funny Do You Want To Know How... Duh Delicious Wan Duh Why Not Food Taste Like Shit Do... Food Taste Like Shit Do... Having AMental Breakdown Help Me With Probram Herro How Much Money How Much Money Is ASoda How Much Money Is Duh Can How Much Money That Costing How Much Money You Charge I Become Sick Boy What... If IGive You Tip Will... I Gib You25 Dorra And... I HA VE PR OB RA M Im Gonna Give You AKiss Im Yo Wat Is Somebody There It Is Hog Hu What I Would Like To Buy From... Make Dee Order For Pick... Make Dee Order Today For... My Wat New Customer Discount No Oo Oo Is It Delicious Problem With Food Experience Refundey And Changey So Do ULike2 Party So When Do UWant Me To... Speak To Somebody Vietnamese Talk To Somebody Else Please Thats With The Tax And... W HA T W HA T2 What Can We Do Fix Duh... What Can We Do For... What Can We Do Here... What Can You Do For Me What Do You Have For Duh... What Do You Have For Duh... What Do You Have For Duh... What Do You Mean W HA TD OY OU SA YT OM E! What Do You Sell For Duh... What Duh Hell Do You Say... What Duh Hell Happen Why... What Happen Rye What Is Avairabirity Like What Is Going To Happen What Is Your Name What Kind Of Chicken Do... What Language Do You Speak What The Hell Is This Huh What TShirt What Did He... What Will The Service... W HA TY OU SA YT OM E Who Can Help With... Who Else Is AManager There Why Can You Do It Why Do You Hang Up On Me Why Do You Not Berieve Me Why So Expensive Why You Do That You Know Why You Hang Up On Me Today You Want To Rape Me Are You The Arab Guy Can IHave Kiss Please Can ITalk To... Can ITalk To Somebody... Can We Call It Ten... Can You Give Me For50 Cent Can You Help Me Is That AGay Reference Maybe We Can Go Out For... Okay O MG Are You Going To... What Are You Doing Uh Whats Your Name Why Are You Discriminating Would You Mind Giving Me... Would You Take ADump On Me Are You Going To Tell Me... Are You Into Fetishes If... Come On You Cant Cut Us... Do ISound Like Someone... Do You Have Something... Hello Hello2 How Much Charge Per Hour How Much Is The Cost I Have AQuestion For You Is It In Good Condition Is Something Funny Si Question For The Manager Am IGonna Getting Trouble Check The Department For Me Do You Need References Do You Think IWill Get... Give Me Like15 Dollars... We Got Disconnected What What Is That What Is The Rate What Kind Of Rate Why Are You Stingy Why Do Talk Like That To Me Why Do You Hang Up On Me Will It Be High Quality Will You Gimme Shopping... You Pinky Swear You Want Me To Tickle... Big Ballsack Like Me Bobbling Your Head Do You Even Lift Bro Do You Have Ballsack Sir Do You Want Me To Bend Over From The Back Right Gift Card Hello Can ITalk To The... Hello What How Much Is That Okay Send Me Birthday Card Talk To Somebody About... I Have ABit Of AProblem Is That How They Say It Is There ATree Near Open Ur Legs And Brlalala So Are Ua Fit Dude Tell Me This How Big Is... Tell Me You Love Me Back The Hells Going On Man This Is APrank Call We'll Go Out On ADate What Kind Of Compensation Whats Gon Happen What The Fuck You Doing Dog You Know What Im Saying You Tell Me Yes Or No Aight Man You Into White... Am IMaking You Uncomfortable Are You AManager Are You An Operator Are You Fat As Fuck A Tree Cos IFuck With Trees Best Course Of Action Can IGet On This Buisness Can IMake An Order For... Can URecite The Words... Can You Do Investimigating Cough Ey Yo Whats Goin... Do You Love Me I Can Hear You Can You... I Dont Like That Homo Shit What Are You Up To This... What If IGave You300 Im Great How Are You Doing
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