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I Give Great Massages I Got My Degree At I'm An Equal Member Of... I'm Angry Right Now I'm From Toronto I'm Frustrated And Angry I'm Getting Disrespected... I'm Hurt I'm Sitting Here With... I'm Very Offended Right Now I'm Waiting Right Now Kinda Mean You Hurt My... Money Ain't An Issue Ok Alrighty Ok IThink IMay Do That Simmer Down Here Thats BI LL Y That's Great That Made... They Call Me Hulk Wise Words Well Said With My Feet Yeah You Hung Up On Me You Hurt My Feelings Billy Can't Hear You Customer Satisfaction Is... Go Ahead And Think About... Help Me WIth This Issue He Very Much Hurt My Feelers I Believe We Got... I Don't Want Nothing Sexual I Don't Want Your Flappy... I Dunno What To Do I Get All The Bitches Dont Call Me Stupid Okay Do You Tink Im AWoman Duh Yes What Is Duh Probrem Du Yes Its For Me Give Me More Discounting... How You Doing Today I Am Kind Of Bad I Call Back In Two Minute I Cant Hear You I Dun Get It I Gon To Come In Like... I Speak English What Is... I Speak Vietnamese I Talk To Somebody Hang... I Tell My Husband Milk... I Tell You Bic Boy It Is Not Its B It Very Hurt My Feelings I Will Give You The Good... K Let Me Look Here At My... Listen To Me No Im Not Inside Now No IWork In The Chinese... Oh Okay ISee Oh Shit Oh Shit2 Okay Okay IFinish Okay ILove You Okay Okay Hurry Up Okay Yeah Good Wan Ok Exellent Thank You Ok Love You Ok Ok Ok Ok Right Thank You Very Mut Thats ASo Funny You Know Thats ASo Much Money Thats Excerrent Thats It They Know How To Suck Cock They Take It They Take... U Know Just Chilling U RLike A2 Pump Chump We Can Puff Puff Passing Why Not Dun Be Stingy Yeah IThink We Got... Yes IWould Rove One Please You Make Confuse Right Now You Scratch My Boosack... You Think Im Stupid You... You Very Confusious You Know Buk Lau But Why Not Calm Down Come With Cash Money100... Das ABoo Shit Das AToo Much Money Das So Much Money Dee Yes Delicious Lets Do It Chris Dont Be Silly I Think We Got Off On... I Wont Get Mad IPromise Lets Do The Do Me Too Okay Alright Cool Ok That's Fine Relax Stop It Stop Being Difficult You're AKinky One A Hello What I Can Afford Any Ting Im Great Im Looking For Loan Im Thinking IDont Know What In My Country We Say... I Want To Be Done Then... I Want To Talk To... Job Opportunities Let It Out Mother Yar No Nobody No ICannot Because Time... No No No Look Not Gord Nothing Ok Ok Alright Ok And What Is Your Name Sir Ok Give Me The Kiss O MG That Is Not True Q Rakesh Rakesh2 Right Stop It Stop It Youre Hurting My... Telephone Got Disconnect Think About It IWill... Trying To Build Farm... U Have Like Chicken Arms... What What2 What Are You Talking About Why Not Yesterday You Make Confuse Alright But Why Not Calm Down Man Cristoval Cristoval With Spelling Dun Do It Not Gord Excellent Im Alright Im Breaking Down Baby I Promise I Will Let You Know If... Just Cos Im Black Yall... Kiss Kiss Muah Let Me Come In There And... Let Me Know When You Get... Love It When You Call Me... Nice Oh Damn Ok Ok Alright Ok Alright Man Sounds Good Real Low Key Right Relax Damn Gurl Relax You Were Getting... Something Wrong With Quality Take ABreather Thats AVery Good Point Thats The Whole Point Thats Why IAint Goin... Tyrone Imitates Buk Uhh Damn Dog Uhh Yeah Hows It Going Uh Naw What Happens In China... Yeah Yeah2 Yeah Dawg You Got All Jittery You Killing Me Right Now You Looking Bootyful 20 Dollars And ABox Of... Absolutely Ahh Ok Aight Aight Bitch When You... All Right Excelente Alright Boo Boo Alright Let Me Here You... Alright Yeah Aw Hell Come On Man Cos Im Kinda Embarrassed Fuck The Police How Much Do You Think Is... I Could Do Dat Mama I Dont Care I Dont Know Whats Going On I Dont Know What To Do Dawg I Know My Geogramaphies Dowg Oh Gosh Darnit Thats Right Alright Im Okay With That Gosh Darnit
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